Music, a powerful connector


In the world of refugees any form of language which can bring down the barriers created by different languages is more than welcome. In most cases they resort to using signals or images or even making strange noises to get the message across. The results… barely decent, and that’s being optimistic. However there is one language which does not have any constraints… and that’s music. ...

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Summiting – Kilimanjaro

Michela Catania

5th January 2016 was the day I reached the 5895m mark of Africa’s highest free standing mountain – Kilimanjaro. I still remember the day I told my parents what I had decided to take on as my challenge that year and their reaction was, “Are you sure? Its a mountain you’re talking about”. I thought “if others can do it why not me?” Although many ...

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Christine Galea

It’s one of those Maltese interjections that are frustratingly impossible to translate accurately into the English language.  Not only. Even in our own language, it takes on a myriad of meanings, depending upon the tone in which it is expressed.   One could say that, in its simplest form, spoken in staccato, the word “ajma” is exclaimed as an instant reaction to physical pain – “ouch, ...

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Kissing the Lord, a Post-Paschal Reflection

Pyt Farrugia

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is sweeter than wine,” begins the Song of Songs, attesting to the ancient beauty of the kiss in Scripture. As a man who loves men, kisses exchanged between members of my gender hold a particular fascination. In other cultures, I am told, these can be simple gestures of courtesy and platonic affection ...

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Mixja ma’ Kristu bħala persuna LGBTIQ


Forsi minħabba t-trobbija tagħna, ħafna minna jaħsbu li l-ispiritwalità u s–sesswalità huma għedewwa ta’ xulxin. Nażżarda ngħid li għal min jaqa’ taħt l-ispektrum tar-realtà gay din it-taqtigħa taf tkun aktar qawwija, speċjalment għal dawk li għadhom jaħsbu li l-imħabba bejn raġel u raġel, jew mara u mara, hi ħażina. Fil-każ tiegħi, li trabbejt bħala Kattoliku, fejn l-identità tiegħi bħala nisrani kienet, u għadha importanti ħafna, ...

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A Red Camel

MarieLou Camilleri

A red camel. Yepp, that’s the first thing my eyes see through my thick glasses´ lenses when I sit down at my office desk.  It’s a sort of play mobile toy which my colleagues gave me on my first day at work.  They said it would be my mascot. It’s cute. Red… but cute. Speaking of colleagues, we all kind of have them. They are ...

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One Pound Camera

Joanna Demarco

In 2014 I came across a cardboard box full of point and shoot cameras selling for £1 each at a carboot sale in London. I picked a grey, chunky Canon one out of the box, which I’m guessing was made some time in the 90’s.  I bought it thoughtlessly, and in fact, did not use it. It remained cornered in my drawer for a few ...

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Becoming Who You Are, Part 3

Ian Diacono

God has made each of us uniquely ourselves, and holiness consists of discovering the true self, the person we are before God, accepting that person, and becoming a saint in the process. Everyone’s true self is a unique creation of God’s, and the way to sanctity is to become the unique self that God wishes us to be. The earliest example of the variety of ...

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Becoming Who You Are, Part 2

Ian Diacono

In his book New Seeds of Contemplation, Merton wrote “Every one of us is shadowed by an illusory person: the false self.” Merton identifies the false self as the person that we wish to present to the world, and the person we want the whole world to revolve around. God desires for us to be the persons we were created to be: to be simply ...

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Rain, Steam, and Speed – The Great Western Railway

Pietre Vive Malta

As the speed of living increases, we often find ourselves rushing through our various experiences. The painting Rain, Steam, and Speed – The Great Western Railway by William Turner depicts a laceration of the lush English countryside by the great new railway which connected major cities across the country. The rail is not just a new, faster and a more effective means of travel to new ...

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