New Beginnings

Christine Galea

Every 31 December, as the year comes to a close, I generally find myself reflecting upon how my year has gone and what I’m looking forward to in the coming months.  Yet no matter how hard I try to envisage what lies ahead, I must admit that every new year stands before me like a blank book, the pages of which remain there for me ...

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Malta’s High Rise Mania

John Paul Cauchi

This year, Malta’s High Rise mania will get into full swing. Slowly slowly, over the next few years, our beloved skyline will be cluttered by an increase of tall shiny objects going ever skyward, most of which are incredibly unimaginative, or downright horrifying. Slowly slowly, Malta will fulfil the shallow ambition dreamt of by its boring, unimaginative politicians to become the “Dubai/Singapore/Hong Kong of the ...

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Superhero Theology

Fr Mark Cachia sj

I’m a Jesuit priest. And I love superhero films. I love them because of the action, the nerve-wracking twists and turn, the spectacular special effects. But I also love them because more often than not, they reveal to us, under the guise of a modern day parable, a portion of Truth about the deepest longings, desires and temptations we all carry within us. I was ...

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A quest(ion) for 2018: The Joy in Suffering


Rejoice in the Lord always (Philippians 4:4) is probably the simplest, most demanding command one could hope to respect. Always is not only something we increasingly shy away from, but to always rejoice almost implies we ought to be indifferent and naive to the circumstances we come across throughout our life. For how can one rejoice in the face of suffering and loss, of injustice, ...

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Why do I attend the Byzantine Divine Liturgy

Jesmond Schembri

I would like to share with you some reflections about why I have been attending regularly for the Byzantine Divine Liturgy for these past months. My intention is not to compare this particular liturgy to any other rite but to highlight those aspects in the Byzantine liturgy which I came to love and which help me to live my Christian life through worship and in ...

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Journeying in in-betweenness

Nadia Delicata

Before time itself got so compressed that life became fleeting, the New Year meant a list of life-changing resolutions. Whether our promises to ourselves were big or small, what was significant was the effort we made to take stock of our lives in the resolute belief that we could do better. For life was not conceived as a series of random happenings. Rather, the imaginary ...

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Are you happy?

Andrew Camilleri

Do you enjoy your job? How are things going with your spouse? Are you earning enough money? Have you lost weight recently? No matter what answer we give to what I call the “wedding questions”; the questions you inevitably get asked when people you don’t know very well pretend to care about your life, the response you’ll get after stumbling through some awkward answer is ...

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Present amid the obstacles

Pietre Vive Malta

Shady alleyways, dire straits, and despair. The latter state is shown through Caravaggio’s ‘Madonna of the Rosary’ where some of the potential obstacles in one’s path of life are manifest. Albeit being found in Vienna, this work was originally intended for St Dominic’s Church in Naples. The often disregarded bleak social reality, then present, is evident, and this glimpse of a familiar reality undoubtedly aids ...

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Love is all you need

Kurt Galea

Love. What a powerful word. It is a subject which emerges in all that we do, hear and say. From songs, to plays, to architecture, this phenomena has touched humanity, so much so that a life without love is instantly perceived as hellish and dull. During this time of year, the word love is frequently used. Manifestations of love and charity are encouraged through different ...

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When Santa meets Scrooge

Jean Claude Attard

Both Santa Claus and Ebenezer Scrooge seem to be ever more characteristic of our times. Santa is bubbly, he prizes the conformists, and he is overtly commercial. Scrooge, on the other hand, is lonely, he celebrates himself, and he is utterly boring. Think about gatherings. We seldom give each other our undivided attention because we constantly check our smartphone and our Facebook account, convinced that ...

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