Male and female he created them… and whoops!

Mario Gerada

One of the quotes frequently used when discussing gender and sexual orientation matters – which always includes a discussion about unions and marriage, is the first creation narrative, often quoted very solemnly, “… male and female he created them…”, and for those who believe, this is a serious and foundational text, revered as sacred. Personally, when confronted with this quote, I am not annoyed at ...

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To Life and Good Health! (Part 1)

Benjamin Portelli

There is a peaceful little church in Rabat that’s commonly known as Tas-Saħħa, though it has two dedications, one as a Church of St Francis, and the other as a Sanctuary of Our Lady of Good Health. I had the good fortune of being shown around the church by Fr Eugene Teuma, a friar there, who mentioned that the current church is built on top ...

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‘Should I take the Pill the “morning after”?’ Some considerations

Nadia Delicata

It has finally arrived. Neofarma Pharmaceuticals, the undisputed winner in the much hotly debated question of whether emergency contraceptives should be available in local pharmacies or not, has announced that “the long-awaited morning-after pill” is now available over-the-counter, that is, without medical prescription, for women of child-bearing age. As of December 14 2016, Neofarma Pharmaceuticals is distributing in local pharmacies an ulipristal acetate emergency contraceptive, ...

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Keep Going

Martina-Anne Attard

‘Life is too short.’ I did not believe this until I got chance to participate in an exchange programme at Malmö University. Travelling poses different challenges. Thinking that I have to go back home, whilst knowing the fact that things did not really turn out the way I planned them or wanted them to be, made me realize that life is really short and time ...

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Jean Claude Attard

L-Għaġeb is a popular figurine, traditionally made of clay, in Maltese Christmas cribs. Most of the time this is a figure of ridicule; he is the freak, the fussy person, the exaggerator, the one who makes a mountain out of a molehill. L-Għaġeb is also the one, however, who expresses wonder, who lets himself be surprised and astonished by what is going on around him. ...

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Would you come over to town?


“You better watch out… Santa Claus is coming to town…” Well that’s what Michael Buble’ sings in the world reknown Christmas song, but I keep asking… would you, the reader, come over to town? To be more precise, would you come over to Dar Papa Franġisku and help out in the PoléPolé project which is being launched… today? Each one of us is so busy ...

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Love was Born at Christmas

Pyt Farrugia

One of the things I appreciate most about the Christian faith is the special way it encourages us to understand holiness. Other traditions of faith, which very closely associate the idea of holiness with that of purity, have a tendency to maintain the strictest separation between that which is holy and unholy. In this way of thinking, the unclean thing renders the clean thing dirty; ...

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G-d, exile and other (complicated) relationships

Mario Gerada

The first creation narrative the book of Genesis offers us is a very pretty story, yet one creation narrative was not enough for Scripture. While the first story is very beautiful, it is in the second narrative that we read about loneliness, conflict, manipulation, temptation and relationship tensions between the Creator and Adam, between Adam and Eve, and between Adam, Eve and their Creator. The ...

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The Challenge of Change

Pietre Vive

“Change…is it a postive thing?” “Does it make life inconsistent or more fulfilling?” “How should I embrace change?” These are questions that I frequently find myself struggling with. And I guess, these are the questions which essentially attracted me to Guido Reni’s painting of The Adoration of the Shepherds. In this painting I could envision the journey of the shepherds towards the source of light ...

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Eternal Champions

Bernard Micallef

The recent tragedy of the Chapecoense football team made me think about all the hard work and sacrifices that we do. Here we had a number of people joined together by this dream – to be the champions of the Copa Sudamericana (the equivalent to Europe’s Europa League). We had players who had given their lives for football, staff and coaches whose only aim was ...

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