James Bond and Vatican Council II

Sinclair Bugeja

It seems coincidental, or maybe providential, that the year 2012 shall be marked with the golden anniversary of two apparently disjointed events: the release of the first James Bond movie and the opening of the Second Vatican Council. Both had lasting effects on the areas to which they pertain yet the significance of their co-existence for the past fifty years may not be apparent at ...

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If Secularists are so Rational, why am I not one?

David Cilia

Secularism, as a movement, has its own core beliefs and they are clearly spelled out in humanist and secularist websites.  The movement claims that is suffices to organize society around rational and free thinking, and that religions should not enjoy any special privilege and should not interfere in the building of society by influencing the process through their beliefs, power or status.  This would render ...

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The Beginning of Life

Rosienne Farrugia

A short while ago I was asked to give a presentation about the beginning of life … in a not too scientific way. Being a scientist, I must admit, that talking objectively about this topic in a non-scientific way was initially daunting. Personally, I believe that there are a number of advantages in having a secular society as opposed to a religious fundamentalist society. One ...

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Lost for Words

Pyt Farrugia

Ask somebody whether they think censorship is ever justifiable, and you’ll probably be told (in no uncertain terms) that censorship as a concept is fundamentally flawed – that it encourages a paternalistic society, dilutes individual responsibility, encourages an attitude of detached and mindless compliance… it even calls into question whether governing bodies really speak for us, and without a government that truly represents us, how ...

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