My first impression of Francesco

Matthew Pulis

As I was waiting for the announcement of “Habemus Papam”, I rewinded my mind back to the days of when I had doubts with the Catholic Church. As strange as it may sound, I always considered myself having a good relationship with Christ, however for a couple of years I saw the Church as a hindrance in my spiritual life. As the tension rose, my ...

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The Beauty of a Life without a Purpose

Christian Colombo

I have been told (following my previous article) that the only viable option for an honest non-believer is effectively a depressing life. Such a conception is one of those which I would really like to write against because I believe it to be entirely false. I guess that ultimately the main reason behind such claim is the fact that non-believers do not generally believe in ...

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The Legacy of Libya

Asma Dekna

As the Arab Spring sprung and change swept away the dictatorial regimes from the North African region and just like a hurricane made its way to other Arab countries, Libyans are for the first time experiencing the true feeling of freedom. For decades, Libyan students were banned from expressing certain topics in their identity; they had to live with a false understanding of what they ...

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The Psychology of Fashion & Dress Style

Naomi Said

Personal style and dress sense are an important means of communication. We use the way we dress for a number of reasons mainly; – to form and maintain our individual identity – to reflect our body image and – to convey a good first impression In a research conducted by Professor J. Pine, it was revealed that people are greatly judged, as first impressions go, ...

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Do I Really Know?

Antoine Azzopardi

Flipping through the pages of a new book I have just bought, I breathe in the new knowledge I am about to take in. But truly, is it knowledge or is it just what I already know and thus an exercise in revision? Does life teach me or does life remind me? Do I learn new things in life, or do I learn to apply my knowledge? ...

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Find Another Name for chastity!

David Cilia

“Chastity” has been made a derided word by the sexual revolution.  It became associated with an arcane concept in religion with little relevance to the modern hedonistic society.  It came to represent sexual repression, guilt trips, fear from sex, domination of others by controlling their sexuality, etc.  People just shrug it away.  My contention, then, is that we should start using a new word for ...

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Sex? Sells!

Anton D'Amato

Indeed it does, and it does really well. The first to understand the potentiality of using sex in business was Ernest Ditcher in the 1930s, an Austrian psychologist and a follower of Freud, known as father of Motivational Research. His studies focused on a basic question “why do people buy what they buy?” Few if any could give an answer to this question. It may ...

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Manifestos should Address the Right Issues

Bernard Micallef

After hours of watching political debates and reading numerous newspaper articles, I came to ask a simple question – what is it that this country is building its future on? The foundations, which are embedded in our history, should be central in electoral manifestos and should be tackled in this campaign to offer a direction towards where this society is heading for in the next ...

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Les Miserables: Small Acts of Kindness

Arnold Mugliett

“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness. We pardon to the extent that we love. Love is knowing that even when you are alone, you will never be lonely again. The great happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. Loved ...

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Rainbow Politics

Fr Blake

Rainbows are genuinely captivating…contrast that to a sky full of dark clouds. The air feels damp, soon enough rain drops begin to fall. Soon the drops become a sheet of rain ruining your outdoor activities. But, as you turn to seek shelter, the sun breaks through the clouds. A feeling of excitement runs through you because you realize that rain plus sun equals a rainbow. ...

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