Leonard Mintoff

We have a new bishop of Rome, or rather the Romans have a new bishop, the rest of us have a new Pope. The bishop that leads the Universal Church in Charity chose Francis as his name, after the great Saint of the poor, lover of nature.  Imagination has started to take the lead on many of us! No golden cross, we will be having ...

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Re-Evangelising Malta

Pyt Farrugia

Maltese society needs intelligent evangelisation. To many people it’s become a sad cliche – a disruptive knock at the door and a list of platitudes addressed like some kind of sales pitch by wild eyed strangers. It’s a pamphlet delivered along with shopping catalogues and marketing dross, an all too often browbeating conversation with somebody less interested in what you’ve got to say and more ...

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Just Question Marks

Martin Gauci

EVERY BREATH WE TAKE, EVERY MOVE WE MAKE seem to finish with “?“ It seems to have been so since time immemorial. (TO QUESTION might be a motto engraved in every step covering our university campus.  But many seem to thread over it without realising it.) One great-grandfather asked:  How am I going to be fore-father of millions if my wife is barren? A childless couple argues about God’s ...

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A Pope for the Social Network

Nadia Delicata

Together with millions around the world, I rushed to the most nearby screen as the two words flooded social media: white smoke! Together with millions I waited anxiously to get a first glimpse at the face of the Catholic Church for today and the years to come. Together with millions, I evaluated my immediate reaction to cardinal Bergoglio, a relative unknown (on this side of ...

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The Case for Water Diplomacy

Andre Debattista

Some international relations analysts predict that water is set to become the “next oil.” Ismail Serageldin, a distinguished scholar in the field of sustainability and development, predicts that future wars “will be over water unless we change the way we manage water.” Others dissent from this somewhat apocalyptic view. Notwithstanding there is near-consensus on the fact that water is a critical resource which will shape ...

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Limiting water usage


Water scarcity is one of the major problems facing a modern society with dwindling supplies of fresh water and an ever increasing population. Therefore the question of limiting consumption per capita may arise amongst those in power. The importance of conservation of this precious resource is gaining momentum and there is more awareness about conserving water. In certain countries constraints on water use have already ...

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Not all Water usage is a Right


We live in a culture which takes and never gives back and it is time to change that. Water is a communal resource. Malta is one of the driest countries in the world with around 600mm of rainfall a year and so water is a very precious resource for us, and we are letting it slip through our hands. Malta has reported [to the EU] ...

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The Pope of many Firsts

Andre Debattista

His namesake, Francis of Assisi, is often attributed with coining the famous aphorism: “preach the Gospel, use words if necessary.” During his first appearance from the loggia overlooking St Peter’s Square Pope Francis gave a living catechises on the centrality of prayer in the life of the faithful. Before imparting the Urbi et Orbi blessing the Holy Father joined the faithful in praying for pope-emeritus ...

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The Right for Water

Marco Cremona

Malta’s water resources exist in the form of groundwater – rainwater that has managed to infiltrate into the rock and after a passage of decades reached the aquifer(s) where it is effectively stored. The aquifers span across the length and width of Gozo, and therefore lie under private property. While it is widely recognised that groundwater is a public resource, a large of number of ...

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Money makes the World go Round (?)

John Paul Cauchi

Warning for those labellers out there: This is no communist manifesto. Nor is it a socialist agenda. This is simply a mere observation of the facts. There is no doubt that our small planet is facing many-a-crisis these days. Climate Change, Huge wealth disparities, Wars, Rampant Political Corruption… you name it, and it’s there. They say “money makes the world goes round”, and whether we ...

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