A humorous moral(e)

Nadia Delicata

“All jokes are grievances” claimed the media guru Marshall McLuhan… or, if I dare improve on the Master’s kernel of wisdom, “Good jokes are grievances.”   A sobering thought to begin a post on humour… but to prove my point that ROTFL kind-of-jokes are really thinly-veiled gripes against perceived wrongs, I did a quick Google search and came up with a handful of “best” gags, ...

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A day without laughter is a day wasted

Rosienne Farrugia

I must say that writing about ‘Humour’ is not easy. The first thing that passed through my mind was ‘What is there to write about… except maybe give a definition which anyone can find for themselves in a dictionary?’ So I looked the word up in a dictionary – in various dictionaries actually – hoping for inspiration. And all definitions I found included, as one ...

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Humour is a state of mind

Angele Galea

I had just started my first day at secondary school, when it hit me. I remember very clearly the moment I thought to myself “ I’m going to make these girls laugh so they’ll like me and become my friends”. Great wisdom at age 10, I think. It worked, so I relaxed into a conversation with my soon-to-be BFFs. Now I’m a firm believer in the power of laughter. I use ...

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What believers and non-believers should have in common

Christian Colombo

Recently, I attended a talk about “faith and reason” given by a prominent Maltese theologian (for whom I have the utmost respect). Typical of him, he was excellent in the delivery and technicality of his talk. What I did not like about it though, was the emphasis on “us and them”, believers and non-believers. I was probably the only non-believer in the room and so ...

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An app for everything… The Bible too!

Stefan Buttigieg

The revolution that has happened in our daily lives when it comes to mobile technology in the last few decades has been unprecedented. We used to carry mobile phones whose main role was to receive,send SMS and for calling. We are now in the era of smartphones we have the potential to carry with us the whole body of human knowledge. The concepts of ‘apps’ ...

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If Jesus did not laugh, can we?

David Cilia

“Jesus did not laugh!” was the conviction of my former Seminary Rector, and he was serious about it and had always a sober demeanor to prove it!  On the other hand my great uncle priest, who died at 91 years of age, had no qualms about sharing a good laugh or seeking the company of persons with a pronounced sense of humor.  I took after ...

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A space for dialogue

Andre Debattista

Pluralism strengthens the exchange of opinions. A healthy pluralist society is conducive towards the creation of a marketplace of ideas where individuals and groups can participate more actively in the social, economic and political life of their community. Dialogue should be one of the cornerstones of such a society. Unfortunately genuine and constructive dialogue is often stifled by different outlets peddling tawdry gossip, sensationalism and ...

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Fools? For Christ’s Sake!

Carlo Calleja

Like the ringmaster who enthusiastically introduces the clowns’ act between the trapeze artists’ and lion tamers’ daring stunts, contemporary culture is heralding the entrée of clowns into the circus of today’s world. The clown, the harlequin, the unlearned, the madman, the tramp, the fool: the common denominator here is a wisdom which transcends the limits of rationality. I will not dwell long here on the ...

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Any LOLs in the New Testament?

Paul Sciberras

I picked up Even-Shoshan (that’s the Hebrew Old Testament Concordance) and looked up ההה (pronounced ‘hahaha’) … nothing. I tried חחח (with the harsher h, pronounced ‘chachacha’) … nothing … no LOLs in Hebrew :(!! So I tried my luck with Moulton-Geden (the Greek New Testament Concordance) and looked up λολ (lol in Greek) and ΛΟΛ (Greek lol in caps)… even the New Testament is ...

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Blessed are the Fools

Anton D'Amato

Mother Teresa once said “love until it hurts, with a smile.” Have you ever tried to invert this into “smile until you harm”? Such a saying would sound really hard to accept, but without knowing many a times we end up doing this even unconsciously, and mistake it with humour or consider it a joke. Sometimes we are unable to distinguish between being humourous and ...

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