6-step stress handling during exams

Lorleen Farrugia

If you are a student, you are probably looking forward for the summer to come, or for the next few weeks to pass as quickly as possible, just because it would mean exams will be over. Only then will it be time to relax! Right now exams however are constantly on your mind and most probably cramming sessions and sleepless nights are the order of ...

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Discover rather than define ‘Freedom’

Andre Debattista

Freedom is a subject explored by various thinkers, philosophers and politicians. It is an experience and a state-of-being which cannot be easily defined. Sometimes it seems to be a mere cliché or a rhetorical flourish. Political freedom often refers to the freedom from coercion. Former occupied territories view the attainment of national independence as the pinnacle of their historical and political narrative; a milestone event ...

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ETHICS. Thought or Feeling?

Antoine Azzopardi

It is very easy for us, living in our contemporary society, to discuss ethical issues making use of particular and very specific cases which soften our insights rather than remain at arm’s length with an objective point of view so as to discuss matters avoiding emotional input. It is not because it would be better to eradicate humane attitudes but it is more correct for ...

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While stuck in traffic

Nadia Delicata

Like many who make our abode on these islands of ours, I spend a good chunk of my day stuck in traffic. Traffic, and how I behave in its midst, defines me as a Maltese resident. It alters my moods; it exhausts me unnecessarily; it impoverishes my quality of life. I have strove to make more bearable the time I spend surrounded by metal monsters ...

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Forced to mass

Brandon Lee Caruana

It is a reality that the number of people attending to mass, at least once a week, is decreasing more and more. As a reason to this, many are saying “it is always the same”, “same message and no essence of originality”. Others portray it as a “boring experience” and basically doing nothing amusing. Simply sitting on a cold wooden bench or chair, rise up ...

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Becoming Champions

Bernard Micallef

Reaching the Champions League final is no easy feat.  Reaching it three times in four years is something extraordinary.  Not only that: from the two previous finals played, Bayern Munich have failed to win both, putting higher pressure to succeed in tomorrow’s final. Losing for the third time would definitely be a bigger blow than the ones they have already experienced, especially when it is ...

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The power of humility

David Cilia

Powerful people shun humbleness and humility. They like to bask in power, glory, influence, and in the fact that followers do their biddings. Little do they realize that much of the time people fear power and secretly resent the strong leader. They actually follow for fear of reprisal or exclusion. May is a month that should actually remind us of humility.  It starts with the ...

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On my wedding

Christian Colombo

Recently I came upon a video clip where straight people are asked when they chose to become straight. Many of the respondents were somewhat surprised by the question and most answered that they never really took the decision and that they were born that way. Interestingly, the same question is frequently asked to gay people, somehow expecting a different answer. The same phenomenon is happening ...

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Potatoes for thought

Jean-Paul De Lucca

I was recently invited to participate in a popular TV show that was going to discuss the video of the potato-grower that has been going viral on Facebook. I was asked to speak on the subject from “a philosophical perspective”. At first I couldn’t quite figure out why this virtual phenomenon merited a programme on television, let alone what could possibly be philosophised about it. ...

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Challenging the institution

Jake Mamo

“The world did not tire of the church’s ideal, but only has got tired because of its reality. The Monasteries were criticized not for the chastity of monks, but for the un-chastity of monks. Christianity was unpopular not because of the humility, but because of the arrogance of Christians. Certainly, if the Church has failed it was largely through the Churchmen.” (G.K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the ...

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