The power of humility

David Cilia

Powerful people shun humbleness and humility. They like to bask in power, glory, influence, and in the fact that followers do their biddings. Little do they realize that much of the time people fear power and secretly resent the strong leader. They actually follow for fear of reprisal or exclusion. May is a month that should actually remind us of humility.  It starts with the ...

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On my wedding

Christian Colombo

Recently I came upon a video clip where straight people are asked when they chose to become straight. Many of the respondents were somewhat surprised by the question and most answered that they never really took the decision and that they were born that way. Interestingly, the same question is frequently asked to gay people, somehow expecting a different answer. The same phenomenon is happening ...

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Potatoes for thought

Jean-Paul De Lucca

I was recently invited to participate in a popular TV show that was going to discuss the video of the potato-grower that has been going viral on Facebook. I was asked to speak on the subject from “a philosophical perspective”. At first I couldn’t quite figure out why this virtual phenomenon merited a programme on television, let alone what could possibly be philosophised about it. ...

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Challenging the institution

Jake Mamo

“The world did not tire of the church’s ideal, but only has got tired because of its reality. The Monasteries were criticized not for the chastity of monks, but for the un-chastity of monks. Christianity was unpopular not because of the humility, but because of the arrogance of Christians. Certainly, if the Church has failed it was largely through the Churchmen.” (G.K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the ...

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From the confessional to the chat

Matthew Pulis

The power of communication today does not run through the classical ways of communication; social networks/media make the world stop and go round at the same time. Sometimes I suspect that the Church hasn’t realized this yet. I still see that Church and the social networks relation still doesn’t create enough new spaces of evangelization. More importantly I still see that the priests haven’t yet ...

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St. George Preca for the youth in 2013

Neil Aquilina

“Can you share a cigarette with me, dear friends?” These were the first few words that Saint George Preca used to break the ice with a group of youths playing football in a field in front of Saint Cajetan Church, Hamrun. Probably, saying these words today Saint George Preca would be regarded as “health unconscious” by some and even “irresponsible” by others! But that cigarette ...

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The erosion of the work/life balance

Andre Debattista

The culture of dependency is becoming a dominant feature of contemporary society. Economic crises puts pressure on both the labour market and the provision of welfare services. As uncertainty increases, many are becoming dependent on institutions over which they have no control. Some may be totally dependent on social security; others on their jobs. Both areas are increasingly volatile. Governments are facing pressures to downsize ...

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6 months on and the journey continues

Anton D'Amato

6 months have passed since was launched on November 6 2012 during an GhST event at the St. James Cavalier entitled “We don’t need no religion”. Such a title from the theology students’ organisation stirred up a lot of interest, in fact the event was very well attended, and the debate during was a very healthy one. We had asked Fr Joe Borg (no ...

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Bruno Mars meets Bernini in Heaven

Sinclair Bugeja

Sex and heaven appear to pertain to two distinct and irreconcilable realms. Yet Bruno Mars seems to remain unperturbed in mentioning both four times in his 300-word song ‘Locked out of Heaven’. To the scrupulous, the refrain “your sex takes me to paradise” might sound inappropriate if not downright offensive. Nevertheless I think the proposition shouldn’t be taken lightly and can indeed provide us with a ...

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In search of silence

Anton D'Amato

I uploaded the draft of this post a week ago, but never had I imagined I would find myself reflecting, in silence, about the loss of someone I knew fondly and whose loss will be felt so much. It was simply waiting for publication, thinking to myself whether I should write about something else. Then on Sunday the news went viral and I simply added ...

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