Summer, Work, Dignity!


‘At last, summer is here again!’ – Who knows how many students have uttered this expression! Usually students do not say this phrase on the 21st of June when summer officially starts, but rather on the last day of their examinations. Even though seasons define the different phases of the year, our lifestyle dictates these phases depending on that which we are engaged in.  Students ...

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Immigration, Migration and Racism

Andre Debattista

During the second week of July, Maltese newspaper headlines seemed to revolve around issues of immigration and racism. Tensions are running high; the immediate response was emotive and highly personal. On a human level, all individuals have an inherent right to life, dignity and respect. On a political level, the arrival of migrants is a policy concern which presents socio-economic challenges. Migration vs. Immigration The ...

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Lumen Fidei and Nietzsche

Pyt Farrugia

With exams over and summer days stretching ahead of me, I’ve been eager to explore Pope Francis’ first encyclical Lumen Fidei. Drafted by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, it’s a rare and special thing to have a work created by two popes and coinciding with the announcement of the canonization of two other popes, all of the V2 era. An entirely beautiful message that speaks to ...

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Becoming worldwide citizens

Christian Colombo

We have certainly come a long way from the times when the majority of people did not have a say in the running of their country – or rather some empire which was not theirs. From the feeling of belonging to an extended family, tribe, or small village, now most people feel they belong to their nation. All well and good, but we are now ...

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To keep or not to keep … the refugees

Rosienne Farrugia

World refugee day was last month and there has already been an excellent post on the topic. But in view of the very recent developments on our tiny, friendly Malta where we welcome everyone with open arms (provided they are fair skinned and, preferably, blue eyed), I thought another go at it would not go amiss. I must admit life has been keeping me rather ...

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A tribalism of fear

Nadia Delicata

“Who among us … has wept for the deaths of these brothers and sisters? Who has wept for the people who were on the boat? For the young mothers carrying their babies? For these men who wanted something to support their families? We are a society that has forgotten the experience of weeping, of “suffering with” [com-passion]. The globalization of indifference has taken from us ...

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In the national and humanitarian interest

Anton D'Amato

When noticing what has been going on for the past weeks, Malta seems to be a schizophrenic country to on lookers. While on the one hand applauding “ground breaking” decisions on civil liberties, at the same time we are facing a grave breach of the most basic of fundamental human rights – the right to life and dignity. This seems to have irked even Aditus, which ...

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The ice-cream genius

Julian Micallef

The heat is up. Summer is in. And the going gets tougher as soon as you hit the unsheltered pavement. Life is indeed beautiful, yet the weather and several other issues tend to create that much disliked wet blanket effect. If there was a choice I would do away with rising temperatures and go for a pleasantly boring constant spring-time – enough warmth short of ...

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The honeymoon phase – now that’s a tricky one!


A few days ago, my friends and myself were casually speaking about relationships and about the general duration of the ‘honeymoon period’ a couple gets to live during the first months of the relationship; that time when the couple is the most intoxicated with magic and never-ending excitement towards one another. But what I love to notice and observe are those couples who get to ...

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Summer work

Anton D'Amato

Summer is an opportunity for many students to get a job, earn some money (hopefully save some of it) and bit by bit start getting a financial independence. Yet during this time of the year many young people (not just students) take the opportunity to do voluntary work. This will not increase their bank account, most probably it will diminish it, and yet it enriches them. ...

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