A Mature Approach to the Upcoming Elections


For many of us youths, this shall be our first experience of casting our opinion, thus helping determine the future of our nation. Without the inevitable drama and appearance contest, such a feat already seems huge; add the two completely different directions our parties are proposing, and you’ll soon find yourself begging to be spared from this trauma. Yet, voting is a duty as well ...

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Romina Tolu

The word ‘homophobia’ gets thrown around a lot. People tweet about it, against it, and tweet homophobically. People in power are accused of being homophobes. The LGBT community hate it. There is a day against it. Homophobia and Transphobia are everywhere around us. This irrational, extreme fear to homosexuality, and/or trans persons bullies, hurts and insults people. People you know. People you love. As with ...

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On Nature and its Expressions

Nadia Delicata

As I flipped mindlessly through the channels after a busy day, a reality show chronicling the pregnancy and birth story of a couple caught my attention somewhat. At first I thought it was the “regular” (though nothing is quite “regular” on television, is it?) incredible story about a mystery pregnancy or multiple-births story, but soon I became more engrossed as I realized that the couple ...

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Sleeping God

Christopher Bezzina

If we examine the present challenging subjects for the Catholic Church we have a consensus that gay rights is a huge stumbling block. Amidst this intense tempest-like advocacy for the protection of the traditional family or for equal rights I must say I imagine God enjoying a nice nap. Not a lazy nap, but surely not taking sides. For me sleeping is more than a ...

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Learning from the LGBT Community

Pyt Farrugia

Very few people today would approve of state interference in citizens’ private lives – that ship has sailed, crashed into an iceberg and happily sunk to the bottom of the deep blue sea – but in practice, when push comes to proverbial shove, there’s a lot of important decisions we’re more than willing to fob off on police and government. There’s a strange idea that ...

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Raised from the Dead: The Case of Scott Routley

Pierre Mallia

The case of Scott Routley is an example in advances in medicine which raise dilemmas and can have an implication for future developments and necessitate changes to ethical reflection. Before discussing this case it is important to clarify some issues: A persistent vegetative state needs to be distinguished from Coma or minimally conscious states. A PVS is a diagnosis made over time with special scans ...

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Between Science and Ideology: The Homosexuality Debate

Paul Galea

The surrounding debate on Homosexuality, Gay rights, Same-Sex marriages, etc. is much larger than the issues themselves. Such debates are very often compounded by a high degree of passion that unfortunately, sometimes, replaces compassion. This does not mean that the topic cannot be approached from a rational and objective point of view. But this requires more discipline and considerable emotional restraint from all sides. The ...

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Born This Way: Genetics and ‘Normality’

Rosienne Farrugia

The first scientific studies of homosexuality date back to the early 1800s. The original theories suggested that homosexuality was a disease and not unexpectedly these initial theories influenced the outlook of the scientific community and society in general for the next hundred years or so. In fact, during the first half of the twentieth century psychiatrist tended to consider homosexuality as a treatable disease that ...

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