HYS! – Suggested homily to listen to during Sunday Mass

Dr Mark Said

Much has been written, said, criticised and argued lately regarding the utility, length and nature of the homily during Sunday Mass. I, for one, have been regularly and consistently attending Sunday Mass for the last fifty years or so. I have heard Mass at different Parishes with all sorts of homilies from innumerable priests, both in Maltese as well as in English. Some of them ...

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Mums and Dad: 3 parent babies

Rosienne Farrugia

In June the United Kingdom took the first step towards drafting the legislation, to be discussed in parliament, to approve the testing of an IVF procedure which creates what are colloquially being called ‘3 parent babies’. I agonised over writing that first sentence because having read the comments on most articles published about this topic, I really wanted to try and avoid a repetition of ...

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HYS! – The Church in Malta needs a ‘mess’ or a ‘mass’?

Colin Apap

It is not the first time that I seriously asked myself whether it is right to continue as a priest – or even as a catholic. I have many many reasons for this questioning position: from the “experience” I passed through to the “experience” of others. “Experience”, indeed, as the old wisdom itself used to explain to us, Fr Joseph Bernard SJ,  spiritual director of ...

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HYS! – The plight of refugees

Dr Mark Said

Imagine you were an irregular or illegal immigrant. Millions of families have lost their homes because of violence and warfare. Just a single refugee family, shelterless, is, for some, too much to bear. What would you do if general warfare or regional strife were to endanger the lives of your family members? Any decision you might make will always be a matter of life or ...

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A Religious Overdose

Christian Colombo

It is well known that extremist religious groups recruit their members at a very young age. Take the Taliban for example or the Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka. The possibilities of an impressionable young adult are enormous! It is thus not really surprising to hear of young suicide bombers or others risking their lives in fierce battle front lines. Youth are usually not yet attached ...

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Sunday service for atheists

David Cilia

The AHA, as the American Humanist Association is generally referred to, is a very active and belligerent association by way of advocating its beliefs.  For instance, it was reported that: On July 17, 2013, the AHA managed to block a war memorial in California since it had a cross depicted in it. “On July 30, 2013 the AHA will consider taking legal action after the ...

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80 youngsters creating a ‘mess’ in Malta

Anton D'Amato

Bishops are to expect a great ‘mess’ following the pope’s message to youths during the WYD. Of all that has been said about the WYD, I found really strange the hope of Pope Francis that youths are to go back to their dioceses and make a ‘mess’. In his own words: “I want to see the Church get closer to the people. I want to ...

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A world with no faith


A number of individuals believe religion is a moral evil and a destructive force to be shunned. They propose that a world with no faith in God would be a better place since this belief defies logic and reason. These arguments are not novel. Some public intellectuals have added their own contributions to the debate. Richard Dawkins’ book, “The God Delusion,” topped the best-sellers list. ...

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Church after Rio

Nadia Delicata

In 1997, at the Journées mondiales de la jeunesse (JMJ) Paris, I had my first experience of “world church” and the world hasn’t seemed the same since. Unlike most at Rio 2013, I admit mine was not exactly a typical experience of pilgrimage. Instead, as delegate of an international youth movement, I was part of a group of youth representatives from every corner of the ...

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The WYD experience

Bernard Micallef

Life changing experiences are hard to come by. Some experiences take us by surprise; others take a while longer to leave their effect.  What we can definitely say is that these experiences take our lives to a whole new level. In these past few days we have witnessed hundreds of thousands of youths having such an experience, living the World Youth Day in Rio in ...

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