Any LOLs in the New Testament?

Paul Sciberras

I picked up Even-Shoshan (that’s the Hebrew Old Testament Concordance) and looked up ההה (pronounced ‘hahaha’) … nothing. I tried חחח (with the harsher h, pronounced ‘chachacha’) … nothing … no LOLs in Hebrew :(!! So I tried my luck with Moulton-Geden (the Greek New Testament Concordance) and looked up λολ (lol in Greek) and ΛΟΛ (Greek lol in caps)… even the New Testament is ...

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Blessed are the Fools

Anton D'Amato

Mother Teresa once said “love until it hurts, with a smile.” Have you ever tried to invert this into “smile until you harm”? Such a saying would sound really hard to accept, but without knowing many a times we end up doing this even unconsciously, and mistake it with humour or consider it a joke. Sometimes we are unable to distinguish between being humourous and ...

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Retrieving “carnal” love

Nadia Delicata

Few words sound as archaic as “chastity.” For that very reason, few words have as great a potential to be retrieved as powerful symbols, as “chastity.” Yet before the embarrassing cliché of chastity as “sexual deprivation” and “anemic innocence” becomes once more the heroic quest for “self”-control praised by the ancients, a pivotal shift needs to happen. We need to be re-integrated. We need to ...

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Some things I hate and others I like about Easter

Christian Colombo

Once, a boy was standing in front of his father’s new car. The idea of slipping into the car and driving it was tentalising. In no time he got into the driver’s seat and was marvelling at the steering wheel, switches, pedals, levers. A few seconds later he found himself moving off but suddenly bumping into a parked car. The father, who was in a ...

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Chastity is not Lack of Sexuality

Antoinette Laferla

Chastity brings to mind the word purity.  However, if one asks about the connection between chastity and sexuality, there might be puzzled looks around.  Is it possible to live chastity in marriage?  Now that is a puzzler!  This enigma is present only because of lack of proper understanding of what chastity is. The popular understanding of chastity is – lack of sexual activity.  This is ...

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Leonard Mintoff

We have a new bishop of Rome, or rather the Romans have a new bishop, the rest of us have a new Pope. The bishop that leads the Universal Church in Charity chose Francis as his name, after the great Saint of the poor, lover of nature.  Imagination has started to take the lead on many of us! No golden cross, we will be having ...

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Re-Evangelising Malta

Pyt Farrugia

Maltese society needs intelligent evangelisation. To many people it’s become a sad cliche – a disruptive knock at the door and a list of platitudes addressed like some kind of sales pitch by wild eyed strangers. It’s a pamphlet delivered along with shopping catalogues and marketing dross, an all too often browbeating conversation with somebody less interested in what you’ve got to say and more ...

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Just Question Marks

Martin Gauci

EVERY BREATH WE TAKE, EVERY MOVE WE MAKE seem to finish with “?“ It seems to have been so since time immemorial. (TO QUESTION might be a motto engraved in every step covering our university campus.  But many seem to thread over it without realising it.) One great-grandfather asked:  How am I going to be fore-father of millions if my wife is barren? A childless couple argues about God’s ...

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A Pope for the Social Network

Nadia Delicata

Together with millions around the world, I rushed to the most nearby screen as the two words flooded social media: white smoke! Together with millions I waited anxiously to get a first glimpse at the face of the Catholic Church for today and the years to come. Together with millions, I evaluated my immediate reaction to cardinal Bergoglio, a relative unknown (on this side of ...

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The Case for Water Diplomacy

Andre Debattista

Some international relations analysts predict that water is set to become the “next oil.” Ismail Serageldin, a distinguished scholar in the field of sustainability and development, predicts that future wars “will be over water unless we change the way we manage water.” Others dissent from this somewhat apocalyptic view. Notwithstanding there is near-consensus on the fact that water is a critical resource which will shape ...

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