Independence day: a day for nationalistic sentiments or a review of our Statehood?

David Cilia

This year I celebrated Independence Day away from the island. The distance from Malta and living in another European country made me look at this day in a different way from the usual ‘public holiday’ mode. Skirting the issues raised around Independence day, this day represents the start of our modern State. It was long time coming and there were people at the time who ...

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HYS! – Kids: a pitiful state?

Matthew Pulis

The latest news from Yemen has shocked the world. Going viral around the social networks many are condemning marriages between male adults and young girls. The killing of 8 year old Rawan due to internal bleeding on her wedding night has popped up serious questions about the rights of these kids in Yemen, a land where around 14 percent of its daughters are married before ...

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HYS! – The Inauguration Mass question

Gavin Muscat

Prior to 2012 the university’s yearly academic opening ceremony held at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall included a Mass. Last year however the Mass was celebrated at the University Campus Chapel after the events in the Hall had taken place. A petition has been started in support of the re-inclusion of the Mass into the main list of functions taking place at Sir Temi Zammit ...

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HYS! – What’s wrong with the Bible?

Ramon Casha

I am occasionally asked, by well-meaning Christians, how can I be good without God and the Bible. The truth is that I find the Bible to be a highly immoral book, in which God or his prophets perform immoral actions, but which are presented as moral because they were done by God. When Abraham heard a voice telling him to kill his own son he ...

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100,000 echoes for peace in Syria

Anton D'Amato

The call for peace by Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square echoed in silence last Saturday. It was, and still is, a heart felt cry shouted by all humanity and which echoes in favour of victims. It was a call which has been echoing in St. Peter’s square since the Great War and which has been repeated by almost all Popes ever since. (Watch) Echoes ...

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The Weaker Sex

Christian Colombo

At first it usually shows itself as seemingly benign jokes featuring women’s deficiencies, but soon you realise that behind the jokes there is a whole reality of ways in which women are being failed by our society. Mind you, men aren’t the only ones to blame for this – all society is to blame. It is so innate in our families that few would be ...

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The need to read, and the right to write!

Martin Bugelli

What is man’s greatest discovery or invention? Twelve people in a room trying to answer this question would probably come up with no less than thirteen answers – fire, the wheel, electricity, television, the internal combustion engine, penicillin would be some ideas touted, with so many others, that agreement on any one would be well nigh impossible. Allow me to propose what my contribution to ...

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Silence and community

Andre Debattista

Silence is a necessary pre-requisite for effective communication. It allows us to listen and respond to words and actions. It may also be an invitation for reflection and meditation. The Scottish poet, George MacKay Brown, writes in his autobiography that “we move from silence into silence, and there is a brief stir between, every person’s attempt to make a meaning of life and time.” Iris ...

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HYS! – How I would reform the Catholic Church

Dr Mark Said

When was the last time you were need of a priest? Do you recall that once you called at the Parish Office and had to leave a message? Do you remember how the Parish Priest phoned you back? Perhaps you chose to visit the Church, hoping that you will be able to come across a veritable priest. You probably held your hands high up in ...

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The joy of wasting time

Nadia Delicata

A favourite cliché among churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike (and yes, since I use the word “church” I am primarily referring to Christians… though I suspect, brothers and sisters of other religious traditions might very well empathize!) is that the Sunday mass, service, liturgy or otherwise can be… ahem… a “waste of time”. We complain that homilies/sermons are boring; that priests, ministers or leaders are ill-prepared; ...

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