Busy Bee… and a new Home!


It has been a very busy start for agara in the first few months of 2018. With the Lesotho Pole’ Pole’ project mentioned in February’s article up and running in full swing, the eight volunteers are meeting on a regular basis so as to build a comprehensive curriculum to be delivered to youths residing within the communities of Pabalong and God’s Love Centre both in ...

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Masturbation and the Church

Ian Diacono

Masturbation and the Church usually don’t go well in the same sentence. The Church is seen as an old prude shaking her finger at a young self-discovering person. It is a fact, that research indicates, that an overwhelming amount of young people admit that they regularly masturbate, and that masturbation remains the most significant source of orgasmic pleasure for young people.[1] The truth is that ...

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Il-kittieba nisa Maltin – minn fejn tlaqna u fejn wasalna

Għaqda tal-Malti Università

Introduzzjoni: “fejn huma n-nisa tagħna?” (Mifsud 45) F’Malta, m’għandniex xi tradizzjoni twila ta’ kittieba nisa u nisa protagonisti fil-letteratura. Għal żmien twil, il-mara, mil-lenti tal-kittieb maskili u kultant anki mil-lenti ta’ xi nisa wkoll, tqiegħdet biss f’kuntest wieħed: il-mara-omm li trabbi sew lil uliedha, li toqgħod biss għal dak li jgħid żewġha u li tkun ta’ eżempju. Bla dubju, l-iktar awturi li batew min-nuqqas ta’ ...

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The hidden God

Jean Claude Attard

Si comprehendis, non est Deus. Whatever can be grasped as an object of comprehension cannot be God. The danger is that humans stop with the self, conflating and replacing God with the self. Coming to terms with God’s incomprehensibility is learning to accept – following the Son’s example (Philippians 2:6-8) – God’s will to be humanity’s absolute and proper fulfilment. Karl Rahner argues that humans ...

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Beyond Redemption?

Christine Galea

During the Lenten season, some of us tend to reflect more than usual upon the sacred mysteries of our Catholic faith. Many ‘R’ words, such as resurrection, repentance, renewal, redemption, spring to mind. My penchant for words and their definition led me to reveal three meanings for the word ‘redemption’. From a business point of view, it is to regain possession of something in exchange ...

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The Paradox of being Pope, Bishop and Church

Nadia Delicata

In one of his rare moments of theological speculation, the media guru Marshall McLuhan is reputed to have said that if there were only two Catholics left in the world, one of them would have to be Pope. McLuhan, a convert to Catholicism, but who was resolute that when it comes to the faith, chest thumping and acting all puffed up is not only vain ...

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Hacking into Life’s Journey: the craft and science of progress and belonging


Early last year, Pope Francis called for an Episcopal Synod to take place this October, wherein several bishops from all over the world will gather to discuss concrete matters related to the youth, faith and vocational discernment. Simply stated so, however, might imply that there is some untapped universal precept to address the plethora of views, desires, beliefs or non-beliefs, issues and multiple fragmented realities ...

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Superheroes don’t exist

Fr Gilbert Scicluna

Some weeks ago, I was passing through Ħal Qormi and—surprisingly—I got stuck in traffic. In that annoying half an hour of extreme frustration, I happened to pass by a billboard advertising the performance by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra of “A Hero’s Life” (Ein Heldenleben), composed by Richard Strauss. The title immediately captured my interest, but I was unable to go because of pastoral commitments. So ...

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A new model

Matthew Pulis

Spadaro notes that the mission of the Church is not to increase its numbers but to increase the Kingdom of God. Thus, to extend his analogy of the Church as Google, it’s not only about having more nodes at the down-link side, but a bigger throughput on the uplink side. Spadaro proposes a new model for the Church: that of the Web. It is not ...

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Patient Love

Pietre Vive Malta

At times we might elude ourselves into thinking that we do things perfectly. Such an outcome, however, closes us to other outcomes, leading us to disregard other things which can be important to us. This self-centered attitude stops us from undergoing conversion. At times we are not too dissimilar to the elder brother, behaving by the book. There is a reversal in the roles here. ...

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