The Human Being: Decoder and Search Engine for God

Matthew Pulis

God reveals himself “as he who seeks a profound relationship with man, which implies heart, mind, and strength.”[1] The receiver of the revelation has always been described as hearer of the Word, however Spadaro comments that the listening activity became the soundtrack to everything we make. Surely it is not an “action of obedience (ob audire), but of accompaniment, which does not give meaning but ...

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Servant Leadership

Mark Galea

Leadership is challenging to define, since there are many definitions. How would I define leadership? Leadership is about loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving neighbor. This definition is based on the Christian perspective, with all due respect to other faiths. Leadership is also about serving the people. It is not what your country can do for you, but what ...

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Is-Seħta u l-Iskunġrar

Għaqda tal-Malti Università

L-inklinazzjoni ta’ kull poplu lejn fenomeni sopranaturali li jagħtuh xi għamla ta’ sigurtà f’mumenti diffiċli hija sentiment qadim li jinsab f’kull kultura. Fost oħrajn, Bronislaw Malinowski joffri l-esperjenza personali tiegħu bħala xhieda tal-funzjoni psikoloġikament terapewtika ta’ kelmiet imlissna fi ħdan komunità vulnerabbli quddiem il-forzi ħżiena tan-natura (Sex, Culture and Myth 189).  Il-versi ta’ seħta u dawk li jiskunġraw kienu u f’xi każijiet għadhom, iservu lill-komunità ...

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How is your prayer life?

Pyt Farrugia

“How is your prayer life?” sounds like a simple enough question but it can be surprisingly difficult to answer. It is an invitation to think about the time we take to talk with God, and to consider where we are in our relationship with God at this moment in our lives. For those of us who cultivate an active spiritual life, prayer is an objective ...

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Matt Urpani

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just think, “No. Today just… no”? Today was one of those days for me. I woke to a dozen messages on my phone from a number of people asking for this or that, things to post on my computer, laundry to do at home, work to go to go, errands to run, etc. etc. Most of ...

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Mute: The unsaid words speaking volumes about our society

Sara Zingariello

I am a firm believer in the power and relevance of the unspoken narrative. In many situations, I find myself listening for the volumes of experience that people do not put words to. The hidden intentions behind every action; the buried emotion in every story; the stark reality we choose to ignore as we go about our daily lives. Call me crazy (perhaps you would ...

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An Elegy for Nostalgia

Andrew Camilleri

I’m not an old man, yet I still find myself slipping into the golden moments of my past. Smells, locations but most frequently songs will transport me instantly to cherished memories with an intensity that is overwhelming. Interestingly the memories, always seem to end in the bittersweet feeling of missing those simpler times, “when things were better”. Nostalgia. But were things actually better? Rarely. The ...

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Il-Makkjetta: Riċetta Maltija għall-Buri u l-Geddum

Għaqda tal-Malti Università

Għalkemm il-makkjetta x’aktarx bdiet lejn l-aħħar tas-seklu dsatax u l-bidu tas-seklu għoxrin, u għadha teżisti sal-lum il-ġurnata, qatt ma kienet intefgħet attenzjoni diretta fuqha u ġiet studjata mill-qrib. B’hekk ġara li ħafna materjal fuqha u fuq l-esponenti tagħha diġà ntilef, u dan kompla joħloq ritratt imċajpar tal-makkjetta minħabba n-nuqqas ta’ informazzjoni li teżisti dwarha. Din hi sitwazzjoni ta’ ħasra meta tqis li din serviet bħala ...

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New Beginnings

Christine Galea

Every 31 December, as the year comes to a close, I generally find myself reflecting upon how my year has gone and what I’m looking forward to in the coming months.  Yet no matter how hard I try to envisage what lies ahead, I must admit that every new year stands before me like a blank book, the pages of which remain there for me ...

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Malta’s High Rise Mania

John Paul Cauchi

This year, Malta’s High Rise mania will get into full swing. Slowly slowly, over the next few years, our beloved skyline will be cluttered by an increase of tall shiny objects going ever skyward, most of which are incredibly unimaginative, or downright horrifying. Slowly slowly, Malta will fulfil the shallow ambition dreamt of by its boring, unimaginative politicians to become the “Dubai/Singapore/Hong Kong of the ...

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