Music, a powerful connector

In the world of refugees any form of language which can bring down the barriers created by different languages is more than welcome. In most cases they resort to using signals or images or even making strange noises to get the message across. The results… barely decent, and that’s being optimistic.

However there is one language which does not have any constraints… and that’s music. Whilst in Calais, with the help of a guitar we have managed to get surrounded within minutes by a group of people, speaking different languages, hailing from different countries, all of whom were trying to sing along. There were some pretty good trials…. maybe with poor music performance but the feeling was great.

We keep on reminding ourselves that the simplest things are the ones which connect one person to the other, and yet we keep forgetting that music in this day and age is still one of the most powerful connectors.

agara's aim is to walk together with different communities and individuals all over the world to empower them in their respective environments.

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