The Feminist Failure

You cannot agree with George Carlin on everything, that’s understandable. I for one, disagree deeply with him on issues like religion, abortion and environmental concern. Yet this [late] amazing American stand-up comedian has produced captivating works that incorporate dark humour, yet sometimes some valid points are made. His row with feminists is a good example.

Carlin always states, and I agree with him, that women and men should be equal, women should go out and include themselves in social activities like work, business, etc. Yet the point he makes against the feminists is about the type of equality they want. Part of the feminist project did occur and now we have women strutting around in the same type of suits men wear and going out to engage in the same criminal activities men engage in. By ‘criminal’, I mean business and politics. Is this what the women aspired for? Is this the limit of their creativity? After their complaints against oppression by men, couldn’t they do something more revolutionary than simply starting oppressing other people themselves? Now we don’t have just capitalist men oppressing poorer men and women; we have an equality among the genders of both oppressors and oppressed.

My reflection comes just after the elections for the European parliament. The Maltese media hailed the better representation of women in the Maltese contingent. So that’s it! Before we had men pulled in the back pockets of big business, going to the European parliament to represent their interests and thus gain more money, screwing up the country a little more in the process. Now we also have women. Such equality! Such feminism! George Carlin would surely use more fruitful language than me. If women truly wanted to change the system and do away with oppression, they would have acted to eradicate all types of oppression, and not just to fatten their pockets and earn sexual rights over their bodies. Still the feminist movement bows down to self-interest.

For those who will respond to my thoughts on the great feminist failure and tell me to come up with my own ‘revolutionary’ practices, I would recommend them to a woman who truly worked and fought for equality in all its forms. Last week the US lost a national treasure, Dr. Maya Angelou died aged 86. An abandoned black girl from the deep south turned poet, novelist, artist, activist, mother, teacher and even university professor. A woman who did not give in to the capitalist brainwashing once she managed to get over her childhood hardships. Maybe if these women, who feel equal by wearing suits like men, take a look at her life and her poems, they would know what a true feminist is.

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