• What it means to be both Maltese and European

    Dr Alfred Sant

    ​Fuelled by globalisation and what is partly its by-product, immigration, identity issues have again become prominent in political and social debate. They have always been close to the surface of public affairs in Europe, a continental space which in human terms, developed par excellence as a conglomerate of different, if ...

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  • Malta’s EU Presidency – a few reflections

    Dr Lawrence Gonzi

    Malta’s EU Presidency is taking place during a defining moment for all of us. It is happening at a time when we are surrounded by political turmoil and uncertainty which is questioning most of our long standing values chief amongst which are our belief in the dignity of the human ...

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  • Freeing Expression

    Pyt Farrugia

    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.” Abraham Lincoln, writing those words to Henry Pierce, articulated the basic fact that democracy cannot successfully function, let alone thrive and flourish, without freedom of expression. Democracy is more ...

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  • Riflessjonijiet fuq il-Maltin f’Jum San Valentin

    L-Għaqda tal-Malti – Università

    Riflessjonijiet fuq identitajiet Maltin (b’naqra mħabba għal Jum San Valentin) Spiss naħsbu fl-identità bħala xi ħaġa immutabbli, fissa sa minn żmien żemżem u daqshekk. B’danakollu, din l-ewwel sentenza diġà tisfida dan il-kunċett t’identità billi tinqeda bi kliem ta’ nisel differenti. Din ix-xhieda ta’ taħlit lingwistiku hi sintomatika ta’ taħlit fl-identità ...

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  • ‘Should I take the Pill the “morning after”?’ Some considerations

    Nadia Delicata

    It has finally arrived. Neofarma Pharmaceuticals, the undisputed winner in the much hotly debated question of whether emergency contraceptives should be available in local pharmacies or not, has announced that “the long-awaited morning-after pill” is now available over-the-counter, that is, without medical prescription, for women of child-bearing age. As of ...

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  • Eternal Champions

    Bernard Micallef

    The recent tragedy of the Chapecoense football team made me think about all the hard work and sacrifices that we do. Here we had a number of people joined together by this dream – to be the champions of the Copa Sudamericana (the equivalent to Europe’s Europa League). We had ...

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  • Save the Semitic

    Emil Anton

    A letter to the Maltese people: I would like to suggest that Maltese people should seriously study Arabic. As a Finn with Iraqi roots who wants to relearn his once-lost Arabic, I feel at home in semi-Semitic Malta, but I am disappointed by the lack of interest in Arabic on the part of ...

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  • Change it… but keep it!

    MarieLou Camilleri

    “My life has changed, and I’m changing with it” Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess Every year the same song ‘As old as time’ (sung by journalists rather than by Angela Lansbury) about how the thousands of students who graduate each year find immediate employment. What they forget to harmonise in ...

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  • My brother’s keeper


    Outrageous! Shocking! These are only some of the emotions triggered upon learning the news of the recent happenings at the eastern German town of Schmölln. Not only did a young Somali man, aged 17, commit suicide just days after he had been dismissed from a psychiatric facility where he had ...

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  • The Opportunity to Play

    Bernard Micallef

    Why do we practice sports? What is so fascinating about running? About a group of people passing a ball around? About spending hours training at the gym? I have been asked these questions many times. The most basic answer I could come up with is: “because we have the power ...

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