• And the Oscar goes to…

    Christine Galea

    This weekend, movie fans witnessed the biggest error in the history of the Oscars, when the musical film, ‘La La Land’ was mistakenly announced as the best-picture, instead of the actual winner, the coming-of-age drama ‘Moonlight’.   In fact, the producers of the musical were already deep into their victory speeches ...

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  • Esperjenza fiż-ŻAK

    Maria Zammit

    Iż-ŻAK (Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika) għalija ma tfissirx biss organizzazzjoni li tieħu ħsieb l-formazzjoni taż-żgħażagħ iżda tfisser: familja. Ilni membru f’din l-għaqda madwar 10 snin. Wara ftit li bdejt nattendi l-laqgħat ta’ formazzjoni, bdejt ukoll immexxi grupp ta’ żgħażagħ flimkien ma’ leaders oħra permezz tat-taħriġ offrut mill-istess għaqda. Tajt u għadni ...

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  • The Silence of God

    Fr Gilbert Scicluna

    After reading the article about the Scorsese’s movie based on the novel Silence by Shusaku Endo, and being stuck at home after a traffic accident, I decided to read the novel. Although probably it was not the best of ideas when trying to recover from a shock, the novel made ...

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  • Rooted silence

    Jean Claude Attard

    Shusako Endo’s Silence, now a major film by Martin Scorsese, is about heroes and cowards, about joy and despair, and about believing and doubting, but who is who and what is what is unendingly subtle. This film is the story of two young Portuguese Jesuit priests as they attempt to ...

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  • “Għid żarbun mhux ‘shosie’”

    Għaqda tal-Malti Università

    Ikolli nammetti li, anke jekk mhux il-ħin kollu, noqgħod attenta ħafna għal-lingwaġġ użat mit-tfal. Kull kelma li tingħad, hemm storja warajha. Iżda l-mistoqsija li dejjem tkun qed tberren f’moħħi hi, it-tfal huma verament konxji tal-kliem li qed jużaw? Meta nisma’ lil xi tifla tuża kelma flok oħra jew verb ikkonjugat ...

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  • Desiring Difference

    Pyt Farrugia

    It seems to me that the human struggle to make sense of desire, both conscious and unconscious, is universal. After all, we are created in this way – we are in need of one another, irrespective of our cultural background, gender identity, sexual orientation, or systems of belief. It is ...

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  • To Life and Good Health, Part 2

    Benjamin Portelli

    In my last post, I concluded with the suggestion that Malta has had the benefit of hindsight and vicarious learning when it came to the application of certain policies and changes to culture, and that through observing the progress of other countries before jumping on any bandwagon, it was able ...

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  • To Life and Good Health, Part 1

    Benjamin Portelli

    There is a peaceful little church in Rabat that’s commonly known as Tas-Saħħa, though it has two dedications, one as a Church of St Francis, and the other as a Sanctuary of Our Lady of Good Health. I had the good fortune of being shown around the church by Fr ...

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  • Keep Going

    Martina-Anne Attard

    ‘Life is too short.’ I did not believe this until I got chance to participate in an exchange programme at Malmö University. Travelling poses different challenges. Thinking that I have to go back home, whilst knowing the fact that things did not really turn out the way I planned them ...

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  • Would you come over to town?


    “You better watch out… Santa Claus is coming to town…” Well that’s what Michael Buble’ sings in the world reknown Christmas song, but I keep asking… would you, the reader, come over to town? To be more precise, would you come over to Dar Papa Franġisku and help out in ...

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