• On models of “everyday holiness”

    Nadia Delicata

    In one weekend, when the Church celebrated its great feast of Pentecost, two men who had long inspired me passed on to eternal life. Fr. Arthur Vella, S.J., who rested in peace on Pentecost Sunday, requires little introduction in Malta. He was a Jesuit priest and a man of great ...

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  • Ġesù wkoll kellu jitgħallem

    Fr Gilbert Scicluna

    F’wieħed mid-diskorsi tiegħu, Ġesù għadu jtennilna, “Tgħallmu minni, għaliex jiena ta’ qalb ħelwa u umli”. Imma din qalhielna mhux biss għax il-qalb tiegħu hi mimlija b’kull virtù għax kienet il-qalb ta’ Alla, iżda wkoll għax qalbu kienet qalb ta’ bniedem li hi wkoll kellha titgħallem. Hu jaf xi tfisser titgħallem ...

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  • The Hero must be killed!

    Andrew Camilleri

    It was the coldest February I could remember. But there he was rolling up his sleeves and trying to enlighten over a hundred teenagers that taking responsibility was the key to freedom. My friend. My mentor. My hero. It could be a teacher, a priest or a parent. Going through ...

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  • On discipleship, darkness and a rolled stone

    Mariella Catania

    In the days following Easter, I happened to come across the homily that Pope Francis delivered during this year’s Easter vigil and – being part of a community whose current pastoral theme is ‘nurturing disciples’ – I was pleasantly surprised to read the Pope’s reflections which emphasised the disciples’ experience ...

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  • Busy Bee… and a new Home!


    It has been a very busy start for agara in the first few months of 2018. With the Lesotho Pole’ Pole’ project mentioned in February’s article up and running in full swing, the eight volunteers are meeting on a regular basis so as to build a comprehensive curriculum to be ...

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  • Masturbation and the Church

    Ian Diacono

    Masturbation and the Church usually don’t go well in the same sentence. The Church is seen as an old prude shaking her finger at a young self-discovering person. It is a fact, that research indicates, that an overwhelming amount of young people admit that they regularly masturbate, and that masturbation ...

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  • The hidden God

    Jean Claude Attard

    Si comprehendis, non est Deus. Whatever can be grasped as an object of comprehension cannot be God. The danger is that humans stop with the self, conflating and replacing God with the self. Coming to terms with God’s incomprehensibility is learning to accept – following the Son’s example (Philippians 2:6-8) ...

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  • Beyond Redemption?

    Christine Galea

    During the Lenten season, some of us tend to reflect more than usual upon the sacred mysteries of our Catholic faith. Many ‘R’ words, such as resurrection, repentance, renewal, redemption, spring to mind. My penchant for words and their definition led me to reveal three meanings for the word ‘redemption’. ...

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