• My brother’s keeper


    Outrageous! Shocking! These are only some of the emotions triggered upon learning the news of the recent happenings at the eastern German town of Schmölln. Not only did a young Somali man, aged 17, commit suicide just days after he had been dismissed from a psychiatric facility where he had ...

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  • The Opportunity to Play

    Bernard Micallef

    Why do we practice sports? What is so fascinating about running? About a group of people passing a ball around? About spending hours training at the gym? I have been asked these questions many times. The most basic answer I could come up with is: “because we have the power ...

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  • Il-Mara l-Ħoxna: ix-xipli, il-godlija, u l-bejniet

    Għaqda tal-Malti Università

    L-idjoma dwar id-dehra tagħna, bħala bnedmin u bħala Maltin, ma tonqosx. Ħu mill-għana tradizzjonali (“L-Aqwa Nisa l-Maltin,” tar-Ringu), u poeżiji oħra (ara l-istudji t’Immanuel Mifsud), u tinduna kemm dan hu minnu. Imma qabelxejn, x’nifhmu b’użu idjomatiku? Minbarra li b’idjoma nifhmu mod ta’ espressjoni, nifhmu wkoll frażi li intużat ħafna u ...

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  • Why are we?

    Jean Claude Attard

    So much seems to be going on around us; the run up to the American election is getting wilder, fear of terrorism is engulfing Europe and we still seem somehow to be entrapped in our little, petty things. It is within this context that I welcome you to zuntier.com. Għaqda ...

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