• What it means to be both Maltese and European

    Dr Alfred Sant

    ​Fuelled by globalisation and what is partly its by-product, immigration, identity issues have again become prominent in political and social debate. They have always been close to the surface of public affairs in Europe, a continental space which in human terms, developed par excellence as a conglomerate of different, if ...

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  • Malta’s EU Presidency – a few reflections

    Dr Lawrence Gonzi

    Malta’s EU Presidency is taking place during a defining moment for all of us. It is happening at a time when we are surrounded by political turmoil and uncertainty which is questioning most of our long standing values chief amongst which are our belief in the dignity of the human ...

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  • Freeing Expression

    Pyt Farrugia

    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.” Abraham Lincoln, writing those words to Henry Pierce, articulated the basic fact that democracy cannot successfully function, let alone thrive and flourish, without freedom of expression. Democracy is more ...

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  • In-Nisrani u l-Kultura

    Fr Nicholas Cachia

    “Fid-dinja imma mhux tad-dinja.” Hekk qal Ġesù dwar id-dixxipli tiegħu fit-talba lill-Missier qabel ma bata għalina. F’dokument tat-tieni seklu tal-Knisja, imsejjaħ Ittra lil Djonjetu, naqraw: “L-insara ma għandhomx x’jagħżilhom mill-bqija tal-bnedmin, la l-pajjiż, la l-ilsien, u lanqas drawwiet speċjali… Ħajjithom hi fuq l-art, iżda belthom is-sema.” Ġesù jsejjaħ ukoll lid-dixxipli ...

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  • Riflessjonijiet fuq il-Maltin f’Jum San Valentin

    Għaqda tal-Malti Università

    Riflessjonijiet fuq identitajiet Maltin (b’naqra mħabba għal Jum San Valentin) Spiss naħsbu fl-identità bħala xi ħaġa immutabbli, fissa sa minn żmien żemżem u daqshekk. B’danakollu, din l-ewwel sentenza diġà tisfida dan il-kunċett t’identità billi tinqeda bi kliem ta’ nisel differenti. Din ix-xhieda ta’ taħlit lingwistiku hi sintomatika ta’ taħlit fl-identità ...

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  • The Fight between Carnival and Lent

    Pietre Vive Malta

    As the days roll by, the Carnival vibes seem ever closer and alongside this, so does the kaleidoscopic reality it presents. Pieter Bruegel takes this celebration as a starting point for the chaotic scene depicted in ‘The Fight between Carnival and Lent’, and evokes a contrast between the former and ...

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  • Seeking Hope, Part 2

    Fr Jimmy Bonnici

    Beyond the establishment and anti-establishment Analysis of recent political trends reveals that there is a dissatisfaction with the “establishment” that is entrenched in its self-serving policies and not listening to the aspirations of the people. In this context, to portray oneself as “anti-establisment” can also become trendy. Yet, does this ...

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  • Diversità

    Wayne Farrugia

    Jekk timraħ f’dak li hu preżenti fi żmienna, tintebaħ kemm hawn aljenazzjonijiet. Il-kunċett ta’ aljenazzjoni kif muri fil-qasam soċjoloġiku permezz ta’ teoriji klassiċi kif ukoll kontemporanji, jirreferi għal tip ta’ kundizzjoni fir-relazzjonijiet soċjali waqt li tirrifletti grad baxx fl-integrazzjoni u grad għoli t’iżolazzjoni bejn l-individwi. Skont it-teorija Marxista l-aljenazzjoni titfaċċa ...

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  • Seeking Hope, Part 1

    Fr Jimmy Bonnici

    According to the Washington Post, Clinton and Trump raised slightly more than 2 billion dollars for their campaign for Presidency. The Seminary in Malta – crowdfunded from parishes – gets an average of €120,000 for the entire year. So it might sound stupid to explore how to prepare young people ...

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  • Sacredlessness

    Jean Claude Attard

    Making sense of 2016 might be a tricky endeavour. Our anxieties about clothing this past year, however, offer a glimpse of what we have been through, and perhaps even more significantly, why. This comes as no surprise. Fashions mirror values, they are a reliable barometer of change, and whatever trend ...

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