• Panem et Circenses, and the failure of Critical thought

    John Paul Cauchi

    The Roman satirical poet Juvenal, around 100 AD, is reputed to have come up with the term panem et circenses, referring to the situation where a populace (in this case, Roman) no longer cares for its historical birthright of political involvement. Politicians took the opportunity to only aim for public ...

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  • The reusable gold at the tip of our fingers


    Starting of today, the 18th of November 2017, all Europe has agreed to work for one initiative termed EWWR. European Week for Waste Reduction is a resourceful idea to promote the reduction and reusability of waste. Governments, companies, organisations and individuals have all teamed up to colour our social media ...

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  • When did you last meet Christ?

    Pyt Farrugia

    I met him most recently a few days ago, at the introductory session of a psychotherapy course. The facilitator’s ballerina flats tapped in time to the mundane flow of questions, which came from a large group of participants. No matter how many times she heard variations of the same questions, ...

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  • Int x’tgħid? Perit jew perita? Sindku jew sindka?

    Għaqda tal-Malti Università

    Illum il-ġurnata nafu li d-dominanza tal-irġiel fi professjonijiet, xogħlijiet jew karigi bil-mod il-mod qed tirriduċi ruħha. Fejn qabel in-nisa kienu joqogħdu d-dar jieħdu ħsieb it-tfal, fi żmienna qed jiġri pjuttost bil-kontra. Diversi nisa mhux talli bdew deħlin fil-postijiet tax-xogħol, talli saħansitra bdew jokkupaw pożizzjonijiet li qabel kienu okkupati biss mill-irġiel. ...

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  • Unhinged

    Jean Claude Attard

    Can we forget something we did not live to remember? Nathan Wachtel argues that we do not remember on our own, but we can only make sense of recollections within the broader context which we belong to. Our identity is negotiated with reference to a past which we choose to ...

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  • What do we do now?

    Dr Ramon Bonett Sladden

    During the past few years, our country has been through a great deal of change. Whether the changes which have come to pass are for better or for worse, I will let history judge. My scope for writing is to try to examine the effects of our action or inaction ...

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  • Dare we rise to the occasion?

    Nadia Delicata

    Today, almost three weeks after her brutal murder, Daphne Caruana Galizia will be laid to rest. In what must have been the most excruciating grieving process for her loved ones, they can finally start mourning as their wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend is returned to the ground with dignity, ...

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