• When Scicluna speaks

    Anton D'Amato

    Lately at a Christmas do together with some close friends of mine while eating pizza, before we started playing Monopoly, a heated (literally) discussion broke out about Bishop Scicluna’s comments on citizenship. The issue that rose was whether he should have spoken at all. Some claimed to agree with the ...

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  • Happiness = Reality – Expectations

    Rosienne Farrugia

    The start of the academic year is always a very crazy time! Usually it slows down somewhat once we get close to Christmas but this year it hasn’t. Thinking back I realise that every year gets crazier and crazier, always trying to get more done in less time; and it ...

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  • The Season to be Jolly

    Nadia Delicata

    I might be cynical, but as I drive around and notice flickering Christmas lights in this most magical of seasons, “jolly” is not exactly the feeling that seems to permeate the air. As a child, I remember Maltese streets decorated shabbily, if at all. In contrast, the windows and balconies ...

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  • The Big Corruption in Small Gifts … and other means

    Dr Mark Said

    Giveaways, gifts, freebies, premiums, promos, hampers, tokens, redeemable vouchers and what have you. Every year around this time, it pours in: the pens with corporate logos, the canisters of flavoured popcorn, the iTunes gift cards, the boxes of chocolate, the pocket calendars, small and mega hampers, the shipments of fresh ...

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  • Christmas and the Recession

    Andre Debattista

    Upbeat Christmas music echoes through the streets. The music is often drowned out by the constant chatter of excited shoppers. Some are window shopping; others are carrying bags of presents. The flickering lights and fancy decorations add to the festive cheer. Window displays and commercials have stopped advertising their products ...

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  • Two immigration stories: pick your choice

    Christian Colombo

    Story 1: Adrian, the father of a middleclass family opened the front door one morning to take out the garbage bag, only to find a whole family of five beggars, nearly dead from hunger, in his front yard. He first asked them politely to leave but they could not understand ...

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  • Passports and Marriages


    Graduation ceremonies are always occasions for celebrating personal achievements. We extend our congratulations to all our readers and contributors who have graduated or will be graduating in the coming days. A good percentage of graduates will choose to continue with their studies whilst the rest may be in search for ...

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