• Gay Marriage: The only way forward

    Jake Mamo

    With the bill regulating gay unions (or gay marriages) on our doorstep, we Christians stand at a fork leading us in two very different directions. Having discussed this matter with many people during the past few weeks, I am under the impression that the first direction is the one many ...

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  • Living Together

    Bernard Micallef

    I have been living in a community for three years now, and sometimes I just wonder what the use of such a life is when in my role as a diocesan priest I would probably be living on my own.  Do I get anything out of this? Sometimes we work ...

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  • The Evolution of Marriage

    Nadia Delicata

    Marriage certainly isn’t what it used to be. From polygamy to a contract between future-husband and father-of-blushing-bride-to-be, it was (in some places, still is) patriarchy’s way of guaranteeing legitimate heirs to men and rubbed off social status to women. It is a relatively recent phenomenon that something as capricious as ...

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  • Threatening Pictures and Words


    My cat has recently been staring at me in a puzzled way while I stretch and shout with Cassey Ho on the Blogilates Channel on YouTube. Cassey is a wonderful fitness instructor based in the U.S. who specializes in Pilates – she publishes videos on YouTube regularly.  It was she ...

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  • Hello, it’s God!

    Brandon Lee Caruana

    When I was young and asked what I wanted to become when I grow up, I replied a friar (I confess, at times I replied back forensic scientist, but not that often). It was a simple and innocent answer, given back then but it made sense. That answer led me ...

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  • Mixing genders at school

    Antoine Azzopardi

    As the Education minister announced, the first co-educational school is to be introduced (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20130420/local/co-ed.466239#.UnGEc_msiFw) and many where those who gave their opinion about this new concept for the Maltese State schools. Some followed a public outcry not to mix the lads for they risk letting off some mysterious attraction scent, whilst ...

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  • MY Passport is Not for Sale

    Matthew Pulis

    “When you start to sell your citizenship, you will sell anything.” These are the words of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent & Grenadines – an island in the Caribbean. The main question which I would like to discuss in this post is to which price one shall value ...

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  • The Bible and The Hobbit

    Justin Schembri OP

    In a particularly interesting letter to Michael Straight, Tolkien states that the essential story of the Lord of the Rings is “to be ‘hobbito-centric’, that is, primarily a study of the ennoblement (or sanctification) of the humble.”[1] Now, even though in the same letter Tolkien points out that “there is ...

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